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We have a three strategic Joint Ventures & Associates: Southwest Cheese in the US, Glanbia Ingredients Ireland and Glanbia Cheese in the UK. These are strategically important partnerships, not only in their own right, but also in terms  of the synergies and growth opportunities they bring to the wholly owned Group.

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Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (GII) is a supplier of dairy ingredients to key global customers including the infant formula, clinical nutrition and food and beverage sectors. Glanbia Cheese is the #1 mozzarella producer in Europe. Cheese and dairy products produced by Southwest Cheese are all commercialised by Global Ingredients. 

2016 Performance

Joint Ventures & Associates delivered a good performance in 2016 with Glanbia’s share of EBITA growing by 14.9% year-on-year. This was as a result of volume growth across the businesses, improved operating efficiencies and some improvement in market dynamics in the second half of the year.
Revenue was 3.4% lower in 2016 versus the prior year. This was driven by a price decline of 4.9% as a result of the relatively weak dairy market environment in the first half of 2016. The disposal of Glanbia’s interest in Nutricima in April 2015 led to an additional 1.3% decline in revenue compared to the prior year. All Joint Ventures and Associates contributed to overall year on year volume growth of 2.8%.

Southwest Cheese is a 50:50 cheese manufacturing joint venture between Glanbia plc and the Greater Southwest Agency, which is a combination of a number of dairy cooperatives. Its single state-of-the-art plant in Clovis, New Mexico is the largest natural cheese plant in the USA. Southwest Cheese, which was formed in 2006, addresses the needs of both partners, with Glanbia seeking to expand its cheese manufacturing capacity and the Greater Southwest Agency seeking to maximise the value of its milk pool. Glanbia commercialises all of the cheese and whey output, while the Greater Southwest Agency is the sole milk supplier to the joint venture. This joint venture has been a major success for both parties and represents an attractive model for Glanbia for cheese expansion in the USA.

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© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved