Our Approach

A user-centred approach to identifying true market need, ensuring excellent execution and the ability to sell at an attractive price, provides a strong strategic framework through which we evaluate our innovation investment decisions.

This assists us in improving the overall likelihood of innovation success and drives return on investment in the area. Validated market desirability, technical or execution feasibility and financial viability are central to the success of any innovation we undertake.

ON Gold Standard Pre-Workout: case study

The ‘pre-workout’ category continues to evolve. Consumers’ interest in a clean, more basic pre-workout offering continues to expand and fuel market growth. Recognising this opportunity, we leveraged a meaningful, user-centred approach to innovation that better addresses consumer wants and needs, drives stronger consumer loyalty to the ON Gold Standard franchise, and delivers a differentiated offering that grows the category.

Innovation Diagram

Desirability - core user

User-centred innovation starts with unmet and emerging consumer needs. ON’s new Gold Standard Pre-Workout was born from the insight that many performance nutrition users shy away from the pre-workout category. Our pre-workout product was designed with Team ON athletes and users in mind to address the need for a clean label pre-workout product that delivers optimal energy, focus, endurance and taste at the best value. Key design elements of the brand drive differentiation and stand-out both on shelf and online, while also reinforcing ON Gold Standard brand equity.

Feasibility- technical

Best in class nutrition, performance, ingredient and taste expertise were combined to deliver a unique formula to meet and exceed our target users’ expectations. Furthermore, premium packaging that builds on Gold Standard’s distinctive brand assets drives stand-out and findability on shelf (and online), while reinforcing product quality.

Viability- business

The value proposition of ON Gold Standard Pre-Workout is grounded in consumer need for superior quality and trust. Our ‘user-centred’ approach allowed us to combine actionable insights with industry-leading supply chain and commercial expertise to deliver a superior proposition that will meet the needs of our consumers, while driving incremental revenue and margin.

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved