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What makes us different?

We believe that the interface between science, technology and commercial innovation is exciting, dynamic and continuously evolving. 

It provides us with great opportunities to deliver and scale added value to our cheese, ingredient and branded product portfolios

Market insight and foresight

Glanbia has a unique range of activities which span business-to-business (B2B) cheese and ingredients and business-to-consumer (B2C) performance nutrition brands. This gives us the ability to harness expansive market insight and foresight in developing our global growth platforms. It also enables us to create strong strategic and operational alignment to our customers’ strategy. And it helps us uncover emerging cheese,ingredient and branded product opportunities at the interface of macro trends in food, nutrition and wellbeing. In our B2B activities this sharpens our focus on key market sectors and the cheese products and ingredients required to meet the portfolio needs and aspirations of our customers. In our B2C segment this enables us to streamline innovation activity leveraging our in-depth science, technology and application know-how in convenient formats and key channels.

Innovation proficiency

As a leading supplier of cheese and added-value nutritional ingredients, innovation has been at the core of our development for more than three decades. Ongoing shifts in the food, nutrition and wellbeing arenas have created a unique opportunity for a continuous innovation growth system that is market-led and technology-driven. A continuous system links innovation to our organic growth strategy through innovation portfolio planning and the delivery of multi-generation innovation pipelines.

Innovation portfolio planning

Innovation portfolio planning helps us to make clear strategic choices about innovation initiatives and how these address the growth aspirations of our business over the short, medium and longer term. Three kinds of strategic innovation initiatives shape our innovation portfolio planning:

1. Strategic renovations such as N.O.-XPLODETM and incremental innovations such as Avonmore Protein Milk help protect and improve the performance of our core businesses;

2. Opportunities to shape or reshape existing or adjacent sectors with initiatives to safeguard relevance and build new platforms of growth, such as ON Protein Energy or our Optisol 3000 range of functional ingredients; and

3. Creation of new strategic investment options that have the potential to become stepping stones to future growth.

Co-create and co-develop innovation

The deepest form of collaboration is to work directly with our customers to co-create and co-develop ingredient or product solutions. This fosters a new type of relationship built on trust, transparency and partnership. Increasingly, we are adopting a more ‘user-centred’ approach to innovation, a key aspect of which is early and rapid product prototyping. Making sure a prototype gets in front of customers or end users at a very early stage in development means it can be iterated and improved throughout development. In some cases a pilot can be launched in advance of a full new product rollout. This can provide competitive differentiation and improve the chances of commercial success. In 2013, we opened a new Cheese Innovation Centre in Twin Falls, Idaho and enhanced this capability with the acquisition and development of a more agile cheese manufacturing facility in Blackfoot, Idaho. This has facilitated co-creation and co-development with our customers through a user-centred approach to cheese product development. In 2014 this included our ‘Gamut of Gouda’ platform of innovative Gouda style cheese varieties including smoked, classic European, and aged Gouda.

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved