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Glanbia Performance Nutrition (GPN) is the number one global performance nutrition brand portfolio comprising Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Isopure, thinkThin, Nutramino, ABB and trusource, each with its own brand essence.

Our mission is to inspire consumers everywhere to achieve their performance and healthy lifestyle goals. We produce the full range of performance nutrition products with broad consumer appeal, and we are the market leader in innovation and new product development. 

Where you will find our products

Whether it's a protein smoothie in the morning, a pre-workout energy drink, a post work-out protein shake to repair and build muscle, or an on-the-go protein bar, professional athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts all over the world rely on GPN products for their nutritional needs. 

2017 Performance

Glanbia Performance Nutrition (‘GPN’) delivered a satisfactory result in the first half of 2017 in the context of challenging comparatives for the same period in 2016. Revenues increased 5.4% to €543.5 million. The key drivers of revenue growth was a 6.2% contribution from the combined acquisitions of Amazing Grass and Body & Fit offset by a 0.8% volume decrease as a result of contract revenue declines. Overall, year on year pricing was neutral on a comparative basis.
The integration of the Amazing Grass and Body & Fit acquisitions completed in the period is on track with targeted investment plans being developed to fuel growth. Amazing Grass via its portfolio of plant based, organic and GMO free nutrition products participates in a high growth category and further expands GPN’s reach with lifestyle consumers in the natural, online and specialty channels in North America. Body & Fit provides GPN with a presence in the European direct to consumer online channel.


Optimum Nutrition (ON) is one of the most highly regarded sports nutrition brands in the world. The brand’s full range of protein, pre-workout and general health products is continually being updated and reformulated through an innovation platform that is unparalleled in the industry. For those who consider improving physical performance and their physique a never ending mission, Optimum Nutrition is a trusted partner for achieving ambitious goals. As testament to ON’s success, Gold Standard 100% Whey is recognised as the world’s best-selling whey protein and has been named Bodybuilding.com’s Protein Powder of the Year every year since the inception of their Annual Supplement Awards; that’s ten years and counting! 

For serious athletes, BSN is the sports supplement that transforms athletic potential through cutting-edge nutritional science so that users can break through barriers in human performance. BSN offers a wide range of protein and pre-workout products. Its market-leading position has been built on innovation and relentless dedication to creating dynamic, category defining and result-producing products.

Isopure joined the Glanbia family in 2014 and offers a unique and innovative range of protein products in powder format and its iconic ready-to-drink format. The brand is known for its purity, simplicity and inspirational stories via its “We’re all more than muscle” campaign. Isopure stands out with its clean labels, distinctive marketing and relentless pursuit of providing the products of the highest efficacy. Isopure has a differentiated offering to the lifestyle user with a range of protein that is lactose-free, low calorie, with little or no fat, impurities or carbs.

Acquired in 2014, Nutramino is a leading Scandinavian sports nutrition brand with core operations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Nutramino focuses primarily on branded, ready-to-consume products sold through the gym and convenience channels. Nutramino is a “full service solution” that features a complete product, marketing and service offering tailored for fitness centres. It holds a market leading position in Scandinavia with powders, ready-to-drink protein, protein bars and isotonic sports drinks. Since acquisition entered the Irish and UK markets.

ABB has a long heritage dating back to 1985. ABB is focused primarily on ready-to-drink protein and pre-workout beverages and its products are available in gyms, speciality stores and major grocery and drug store chains across the USA. ABB is a performance brand that attracts many loyal consumers who use ABB products because they represents gym-proven efficacy, an ultra-competitive competitive mentality, and immediacy of results.

Launched in 2015, trusource represents GPN’s first organically-created brand and is a key enabler for GPN to win in mass retail and grocery. trusource is the coach, helper, and friend of a broad set of fitness enthusiasts who will not compromise on quality, value, or user experience. trusource exists to help everyday people achieve their goals through demystifying sports nutrition and providing high-quality, unique, yet simple solutions.

Since launching in 1999, thinkThin LLC has been committed to making food that is as nutritious as it is delicious. From High Protein Bars that are certified gluten-free with zero grams of sugar to Protein & Fiber Hot Oatmeal made from non-GMO ingredients, thinkThin believes in using high quality ingredients that provide a good source of protein and nutrition. As a leader in creating guilt-free products for women, the company has grown by double digits annually and been recognized by influential media such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Today Show and Forbes. thinkThin products are nationally distributed at major retailers including Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, Trader Joe’s, CVS and many more. thinkThin was acquired by Glanbia in 2015.


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© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved