Our Purpose, Vision and Values

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In 2015, we refreshed the Group’s purpose, vision and values to better reflect our global scale, diverse customer and consumer base and growth strategy. We believe that organisations succeed when a common vision drives what they do and why they do it. Our purpose, vision and values unite our people and set our course, providing the guiding principles behind what Glanbia stands for and what we aspire to achieve.

Our Purpose

We are a global nutrition company, grounded in science and nature and our purpose is to deliver better nutrition for every step of life's journey. This purpose is inspiring passionate and ambitious. It provides clarity and unites us. 

Our Vision

Our Vision describes what we aspire to be - one of the world's top performing nutrition companies, trusted to enrich lives every day. Performance is ingrained in our DNA. This rigorous approach drives our innovation and is key to our continued momentum. Nutrition describes what we do - taking pure and clean ingredients and using our expertise to  produce high-quality nutritional ingredients and branded consumer products. Trust  is essential to our success – we reflect this trust in our relationships with our customers and stakeholders.  


Our Values

Our values describe the behaviors that are important to us in Glanbia. They provide us with a framework for how we do business, guiding the way we work with each other, our customers, stakeholders and within our communities. As a business, it is the trust we build with all our stakeholders that is most important to us.

First, we are the Customers’ Champion. It is this value that means our customers and consumers don’t just choose us once, but rely on us delivering for them time and again.

Our commitment to quality, consistency, safety and more, demonstrates that only the highest standards of Performance Matters to us. We’re not just delivering better nutrition, but delivering it better every day.

It’s this drive to constantly improve on our performance that has led us to innovate and collaborate to Find a Better Way to do things throughout our history. It has fuelled acquisitions, partnerships, new product launches and smarter ways of working. It’s essentially a mindset: it’s in our DNA.

Naturally these values mean that we expect a lot of our people, every day. But we’ve plenty to offer in return. Nurturing individuals for their talent is a part of this, but so is encouraging every opportunity to work together across Glanbia. Winning is great, but Winning Together is far more rewarding.

Showing Respect underpins everything we do – caring for our people and our planet is at our core and is embedded in the fabric of Glanbia. It builds a better future for everyone and is vital for our success.

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved