Our Approach

Our approach to corporate governance is explained in our most recent Corporate Governance report (2016) which also describes how our Board and its committees work and our approach to risk management and internal control.

The main function of the Board is to provide strong strategic guidance and oversight of the performance of the Group on behalf of shareholders. Within this, the Board actively considers long term strategy, monitors and supports the work of the Group Operating Executive and is responsible for Board and executive management succession.

The role of the Group Chairman is to seek to ensure high quality decision-making in all areas of strategy and performance and to promote and maintain high-standards of corporate governance.


In compliance with the Irish Annex published by the Irish stock exchange and the UK Corporate Governance code (2014), the Board has established three committees; an Audit committee, a Nomination and Governance Committee, and a Remuneration Committee.

The Board values corporate governance highly and this is reflected in our governance framework as well as by the principles, policies and practices that are applied every day across the organisation. The corporate governance section of the Annual Report explains how we have applied the main principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code (2014) and the Irish Annex during 2016. The Corporate Governance Report is available for download by clicking the link on your right.


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Audit Committee Report

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Nomination and Governance Committee Report

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Remuneration Committee Report

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Corporate Governance Report

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