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Glanbia Nutritionals is a leading global supplier of innovative nutritional solutions for food producers based on whey, specialty grains and other dairy and non-dairy ingredients.

Part of Glanbia Nutritionals has evolved over several years to become one the largest global suppliers and pioneers in the creation of proteins, peptides, and specialty grain ingredients. Research and development is central to our strategy and ensures an ever-increasing portion of our business is derived from innovative ingredient solutions for an expanding range of food, beverage and supplement applications. In addition, we continue to expand our turnkey product development capability, helping customers create new beverages, bars and other products, from concept to manufacture.

Glanbia Nutritionals is also a leading global provider of premix solutions offering precision micronutrient premixes and innovative specialty nutritional ingredients. Whether we’re recommending a single specialty ingredient to deliver unique nutritional benefits or creating a customised combination of desired micronutrient ingredients in a single, functionally-optimised homogenous premix, our solutions fortify and differentiate many of today's most successful foods, beverages and supplements.

As food companies battle ever-changing consumer preferences that demand greater product diversity, more stringent regulatory standards that require increased product quality and shorter product lifecycles that necessitate greater speed to market, we are uniquely positioned to offer an unparalleled combination of agility, quality, and service. Our customer-focused team of nutritional engineers delivers precise custom micronutrient premixes and specialty nutritional ingredients that provide a competitive edge in today's consumer markets.


Our dynamic dairy business continues to grow from our roots in lactose, whey protein concentrates and isolates, and milk protein concentrates and isolates, to a range of cutting-edge, value added proprietary dairy-based ingredient systems including PepForm® peptides and OptiSol® functional dairy ingredients. We’ve been at the forefront of dairy ingredient development for many years and, more recently, have developed a robust healthful-grain business through proprietary processing for new and exciting uses for flaxseed, chia and other specialty grains. This has ensured that we have not been constrained by the prevailing definitions of our market - the traditional functional limitations of these ingredients to select applications - but have instead proactively sought to redefine the market itself through expanded functionality and enhanced nutrient density in our ingredient solutions. We continue to expand both our capabilities and the portfolio of ingredients and market categories to which we apply those capabilities, thereby ensuring that our addressable market is continuously evolving. 

The ongoing global trend towards greater health and nutrition has been and will continue to be central to our growth, and we are well aligned to capture opportunities associated with that trend. Across an increasing number of consumer channels, market categories and product formats, Glanbia Nutritionals offers ingredient solutions to provide nutrition to people at every stage of life, in every corner of the world. The benefits of protein are becoming appreciated and better understood by consumers. Previously the preserve of regular gym goers, protein is now used in a growing range of mainstream products for basic muscle recovery, satiety, and age-related muscle maintenance amongst many other uses. In developed markets, dairy ingredient trends remain strong while the time-tested benefits of ancient grains have been rediscovered and we have developed an exceptional portfolio of specialty grains to address the demand for more wholesome foods and beverages. Within emerging markets, the rapidly expanding middle class is driving growth for dairy technologies.

Take a walk through any grocery store in any part of the world, and you’ll find our micronutrient premixes and specialty nutritional ingredients hard at work. Our premixes and ingredients fortify everything from innovative energy drinks in the US, to vitamin-fortified bars in the UK, to infant nutrition in Asia with added nutrition. And continual growth in demand for healthy and nutritious products across the globe offer ever-expanding opportunities for nutritional fortification solutions. The use of premixes in particular has proliferated in recent years – premixes now fortify a wide variety of products including infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, dairy products, beverages, bakery & confectionery, cereals & snacks, nutraceuticals, supplements and many more. Expanded utilisation within these existing product categories and increased premix usage in new product classes position Glanbia Nutritionals well for future growth. Beyond enhancing the nutritional profile and function of consumer products, our nutrient solutions enable our customers to simplify their supply chain, reaping the benefits of greater efficiency in their operations.

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© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved