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Based in the highly productive Idaho agricultural heartland, Glanbia Nutritionals is a leading manufacturer of American-style cheese in the USA.

Glanbia Nutritionals operates a total of three cheese plants, all in Idaho; and also commercialise all cheese on behalf of the Southwest Cheese joint venture in New Mexico. Including the joint venture, Glanbia Nutritionals sells a total of 400,000 tonnes of cheese per annum and are the leader in the American-style cheese market. Their business model is based on large-scale, low-cost manufacturing and a clear focus on operational excellence ensures Glanbia Nutritionals is amongst the most efficient operators in the sector. The cheese innovation centre in Idaho facilitates an increased level of engagement with customers and further differentiates Glanbia from its competitors.

Glanbia Nutritionals’ Cheese manufacturing is focused primarily on American-style cheddar cheese but has the capability to manufacture a number of other cheeses, including parmesan and gouda, on a smaller scale. All of its cheese is 100% natural and is sold in 40lb blocks and 500lb barrels. Glanbia Nutritionals also sell 640lb blocks on behalf of Southwest Cheese.

The retail, foodservice and ingredients categories represent the main users of this cheese. However, cheese is also sold to intermediary converters who cut, grate or further process the cheese before it is sold on to the end-user.

While the US market represents the key focus for our cheese business, exports have been an increasing area of focus over recent years. Glanbia’s long track record of operating in international markets has enabled it to develop a market-leading export position. This combined with the state-of-the-art cheese innovation centre in Idaho, provides a strong platform for future export growth.

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© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved