Dairy Ireland

Dairy Ireland is comprised of two businesses. Consumer Products is the leading supplier of branded consumer dairy products to the Irish market and long-life products for export. Agribusiness supplies inputs to the Irish agriculture sector and is the leading purchaser and processor of grain and the leading manufacturer of branded animal feed in Ireland.

Where you will find our products

Our consumer product portfolio extends across a range of dairy products, including standard and fortified milks, cheese, butter and cream, and a range of chilled soups. We also produce long-life liquid milk and cream for export to markets such as China, Europe and the Middle East. Agribusiness has a network of over 50 retail stores focused on the Irish Agri Sector. 

2016 Performance

Dairy Ireland delivered a satisfactory performance in 2016 growing EBITA by 6.6% on prior year to €30.7 million. This was driven by margin expansion of 50 basis points on revenue which declined by 2.7% yearon‐ year. The revenue decline was driven by a price decrease of 5.1% offset somewhat by a volume increase of 2.1% and a small contribution from an acquisition of 0.3%. Consumer Foods Ireland delivered a good performance in the year growing value‐added milk sales, further reducing costs as well as developing exports of branded long‐life dairy products. This more than offset a decline in volume resulting from the loss of a private label contract during the year. Agribusiness delivered a performance in line with expectations growing volumes of feed and fertiliser. However this was offset by price declines associated with raw material price decreases.

Our Business Dairy Ireland Agri

Agribusiness is the largest supplier of inputs to the Irish agri sector. Through its Gain Feeds brand, Agribusiness is the leading animal feed supplier in Ireland and continues to develop an international presence, particularly in the horse feed segment. Agribusiness is also the leading purchaser and processor of grain in Ireland. While a large portion of the grain is used in the manufacture of branded animal feed Agribusiness are key suppliers to the beer, spirits and cereals industries. Consistency and quality is critical to grain customers and Agribusiness has unrivalled supply chain integration and traceability. This is epitomised by the gluten-free oats programme and the investment in a state-of-the-art oats milling facility in Portlaoise, Ireland.

Agribusiness’s performance in 2015 was broadly in line with prior year. Returns from fertiliser and feed sales declined as a result of reduced demand for fertiliser and reduced margins in feed. This was offset by an increase in sales of food grade oats as customer demand for this high quality consumer product continues to expand.

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€633.2 million

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