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Siobhán Talbot
Group Managing Director, Glanbia Plc, Ireland

There are over 5,800 people working in Glanbia and this year we are recognising the importance of our employees from around the Group, who represent the diversity and breadth of skills we have in the business.

A core part of my leadership is about building a team of highly engaged people and making Glanbia a great place to build a career. In 2014, we launched a new employee engagement initiative called ‘Our Glanbia’.

At its heart, ‘Our Glanbia’ is about developing a real connection with employees and between employees throughout Glanbia. On a broader basis it is about creating a renewed focus on both engagement and employee development across the Group. I have been with Glanbia for over 20 years and it has been like working in a number of different companies, such has been the change in the organisation.

We are now in another phase of developing Glanbia, with a focus on building a truly global business with sustained growth and ambitious strategic objectives to meet. It is the talent of our people and their focus on executing our strategy that will deliver on our promise of global momentum.

Crystal Bell
Weigh Station Quality Operator, Global Performance Nutrition, Illinois, USA

I work in the new 948 Global Performance Nutrition (GPN) plant in Aurora, Illinois. My job is to calibrate and weigh all the ingredients for the product we are producing at that time on the manufacturing line. 948 is a state-of- the-art, large scale manufacturing facility in terms of efficiency but more importantly in terms of hygiene and safety.

948 covers 600,000 square feet and when it is completed we will be able to produce up to 50 million pounds of performance nutrition powders each year. GPN has made a big investment in manufacturing and quality to guarantee the integrity of our products, so our consumers get the product quality and specification we promise and they deserve.

This is a fast-paced workplace and I am lucky to get the opportunity to work across several areas of the plant. GPN products enable people to achieve wellbeing and athletic success. Equally Glanbia encourages its employees to achieve their goals and succeed in their careers. I am very proud to work here.

Joseph Chiang
Vp. Procurement Direct, Glanbia Nutritionals, China

We are the number two global provider of high quality premix solutions and our customers are local and multinational manufacturers in the food, beverage and infant formula industries. Premixes are a dry or liquid custom blend of a wide array of nutritional ingredients and provide a food product with additional nutritional value.

I manage the procurement function for Glanbia Nutritionals in China. With manufacturing plants in China, Germany and the USA, an effective procurement function is critical to the success of our business and provides the opportunity to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Procurement plays an important role in building key strategic relationships to ensure a stable and consistent supply of the best quality, competitively priced raw materials. In my role, I have the opportunity to build and foster supplier relationships that will enable Glanbia to have a long-term sustainable supply.

Jyoti Sharma
Glanbia Performance System Leader, Glanbia Nutritionals, Idaho, USA

I am a Glanbia Performance System (GPS) team leader in Glanbia Nutritionals business. We are one of the leading producers in the USA, processing 3.8 billion litres of milk per annum into 410,000 tonnes of cheese. GPS is an internally developed work system that is based on Lean Manufacturing and Total Productive Maintenance principles. This means we place a strong emphasis on empowering and involving all employees in improving productivity, safety and quality in a sustainable way.

This is to ensure that all the Glanbia Nutritionals plants and our employees have the tools and knowledge to improve and sustain a zero loss and harm work culture, which drives out injuries and safeguards our products and high quality specifications. This creates competitive advantage for our business and empowers our employees in the work they do each day for the business and our customers.

GPS creates a shared responsibility to improve the performance of our business and add more value for our customers. Over the longer term, this will position us well to address the growth opportunities that are emerging in the world of nutrition and ingredients.

Eric Bastian
Vice President Research & Development, Glanbia Nutritionals, Idaho, USA

Glanbia has been at the forefront of collaborative, dairy innovation for more than two decades. From humble beginnings with five people in a small R&D lab, we have grown our efforts to support Glanbia's overall global business growth with a specifically developed model for New Product Development commercialisation.

Key to this has been our focus on customer collaboration. By innovating with our customers Glanbia is able to complete many projects that not only help Glanbia derive added value, but give our customers a competitive edge in the marketplace. We have helped launch a range of products from high-protein bars to fresh dairy and performance nutrition to processed foods.

A good example is the development of PepForm™ technology. Our sports nutrition customers noted that free amino acids being sold in sports nutrition 'Ready-to-Mix' beverages were not mixing and dispersing well. Based on customer input, PepForm™ technology was invested to associate free amino acids with proteins/peptides allowing such amino acids to be 'carried' by the protein/peptide into solution. This technology allows a high degree of dispersion and solubility of amino acids in sports nutrition products. We have worked directly with several customers to formulate PepForm™ technology into their beverages.

My greatest accomplishment with Glanbia's creative innovation program has been assembling and mentoring a world-class group of scientists that not only have fundamental expertise in their respective areas but are commercially focused allowing us to connect science to bottom-line benefits.


Robert Shortall
Plant Manager, Glanbia Ingredients Ireland, Belview, Co Kilkenny, Ireland

Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (GII) is Ireland’s largest dairy processor and is 60:40 owned by Glanbia Co-operative Society Limited and Glanbia plc respectively. I am the Plant Manager at the new GII Belview dairy processing facility, which will open officially in March 2015. Belview is the first investment of its kind in Ireland in over 80 years and is an important driver and enabler of milk expansion in the 2015 post-quota era in Europe.

Belview will process in the region of 19 million litres of milk per week into a range of nutritional ingredients including specialised milk powders for infant formula and enriched milk powders for markets in Africa, Asia and Central America. My role as Plant Manager is to deliver plant performance in terms of throughput, quality and safety to ensure a sustainable outlet for the anticipated 65% increase in milk volumes by 2020. GII has two other large scale processing plants in Ireland.

Glanbia has a strong track record in successful long-term partnerships and the relationship with GII is one of the cornerstones of its Joint Ventures & Associates business segment. We have complementary strengths and roles, which helps GII to create and sustain competitive advantage. Our success as long-term partners is built on our shared ambition for success.

Yvonne Kerrigan
Operations Manager, Dairy Ireland Consumer Products

Consumer Products produces some of the most popular Irish dairy and chilled foods. Our products are consumed in 92% of Irish homes, with Avonmore being Ireland’s number one milk and cream brand. At the beginning of April 2014, we began processing UHT milk at our new plant in Co. Monaghan, Ireland. As operations manager, my role embraces all the activities required to create and deliver premium products to our export customers in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. My role includes site and process design, talent selection and training, and the development of systems and procedures. I also engage with our Innovation Centre in Kilkenny to proactively create new products in UHT form for our emerging markets.

Ricardo Barbara
Latin America Regional Director, Global Performance Nutrition, Brazil

We have a global approach to growing our performance nutrition business with an in-market commercial presence in 23 countries. I am based in Brazil with responsibility for the Latin American region, which represents an exciting growth opportunity for us. Within my region, Brazil is a good example of how we select and develop international markets.

Brazil is the seventh largest economy in the world, with a growing middle class. It has a large population of over 200 million people, with more than 50% of those under 35 years old. It has the second highest gym membership after the USA and a strong cultural appreciation of beauty. It is also a large and growing performance nutrition market.

While there are always challenges in doing business in new regions, my role as an international business builder is to support the advancement of Glanbia’s Global Performance Nutrition brands to become the category leader in my region. This helps to deliver further growth and success in our international markets for Global Performance Nutrition.

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved