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With 50 graduate opportunities across a range of disciplines, there are loads of great opportunities with Glanbia. This section will give you a taster of some of the roles, teams and projects in Glanbia today.

With 50 graduate opportunities across a range of disciplines, there are loads of great opportunities with Glanbia. This section will give you a taster of some of the roles, teams and projects in Glanbia today.

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Fighting global malnutrition

Eradicating malnutrition through our ‘Affordable Nutrition Programme’

An estimated two billion people around the world are malnourished. This 'hidden hunger' is caused by being unable to afford a balanced diet. The worst affected are children under two years of age, which is all the more tragic when you consider that a child malnourished during this stage in their development will never reach their full mental or physical potential. The UN puts the economic cost of infant malnutrition at $21 billion per annum.

In developing countries, milled rice is the most common staple. However, milled rice is a poor source of vitamins and minerals, as all the nutrients are lost during milling. One way to combat malnutrition is the fortification of rice, flour or other commonly used foodstuffs with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

This is why Glanbia has developed the Affordable Nutrition Programme. We collaborate with a food producer in China to fortify rice, which is then distributed throughout Asia to provide essential nutrients to local populations.

In the Philippines, 30% of all children's growth is stunted and 25% of women in childbearing age suffer from nutritional anaemia. We collaborate with a range of local pasta and flour producers to add essential nutrients to their products, which are then sold at affordable prices in the local markets.

We continue to expand the Affordable Nutrition Programme, and we recently provided a vitamin and mineral premix to a non-governmental organisation, which fortifies all available flour in an African country.

"Our affordable food solutions help our customers achieve sustainable business growth due to marketing opportunities and resulting increased sales over non-fortified products."

Bruno Kistner Commercial Director
Global marketing experts

Connecting with customers in real-time through social media

As the global category leader in social media marketing it is important that Global Performance Nutrition (GPN) optimises our online presence, connects with customers and builds our brands.

Global Performance Nutrition (GPN) is a global category leader in social media marketing and we are constantly optimising our online presence, to connect with customers and build our brands.

The sports nutrition sector is driven by word-of-mouth recommendations and in recent years we started a social media listening programme that allows us to track, analyse and engage with any GPN information shared online.

At Glanbia’s state-of-the-art Social Listening Command Centre, we can understand the social posts that matter most, drive those conversations forward, and derive meaningful insights – on everything from sentiment, demographics, trends, intent, and more.

With GPN consumers in over 100 countries, and 1.2 million GPN monthly online mentions, conversational volume can be overwhelming but our expert team filters out ‘noise’ and we focus on the most important data by identifying key influencers.

As soon as our consumers post something about our brands, positive or negative, our teams around the world pick up on it and can give real-time responses across multiple social media channels.

The analysis of this social data helps us to see what type of content works. This information has allowed us to derive smarter social media metrics, and determine what drives mentions beyond ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, to ensure that our online activity delivers real value and helps to build our brands.

"By managing social strategy, tailoring campaigns and driving social awareness across global teams we co-ordinate our social listening and engagement around the world."

Aisling Furlong Digital Media Associate

GPN online mentions
per month.

GPN online mentions
per month.

Innovative doorstep deliveries

Using technology to supply our customers and support our milkmen.

Doorstep milk deliveries have been on the decline since the 90s, with the traditional milk van deemed an outdated service, complicated by the need for cash collection.

In Consumer Products, we developed mymilkman.ie. Through the website, or mobile app, customers can now connect directly with a local milkman, order online and set up automated payments. They can change orders up to 9.00pm the previous night, and cancel their delivery when going away.

Since its launch in 2013, the system has revolutionised and reinvigorated the service for customers and milkmen. Milkmen registered for the site have seen their business grown by more than 20%. And, by the end of this year, 65,000 customers will be processing 200,000 orders every week.

Mymilkman.ie has become our business’ fastest growing channel and is projected to double revenue over the next three years.

"Mymilkman.ie gives all stakeholders – Glanbia, our milkmen and our customers - a degree of flexibility and control that previously had not existed."

Sandra Downey Brand Manager

Aim to double revenue
in next 3 years.

Aim to double revenue
in next 3 years.

Flavor Artistry team

Working with customers to create new flavours

The Flavor Artistry team is a cross-functional team of certified flavour chemists, application specialists and R&D scientists

We work in a number of areas; from bars to beverages, sports nutrition to confectionary. Our role is to develop custom flavours and collaborate with customers to bring finished products to the market. All of our flavours are available as powders or liquids and can be customised to fit any product specifications. Many different forms of flavours are available depending on the customer’s needs e.g. natural, natural with other flavours (WONF), natural and artificial (N&A) or artificial. Our flavours can also be organic, non-GMO and kosher certified.

Customers can browse our most popular flavours on our Flavor Artistry website or request custom flavours for their products. Understanding the customer’s needs is a key part of the journey towards developing the perfect product for them.

All of our flavours are available in powder or liquid form and can be customised for any product specification. Many different forms are available, depending on the customer’s needs, e.g. natural, natural with other flavours (WONF), natural and artificial (N&A), or artificial. And, our flavours can also be organic, non-GMO, and certified Kosher.

Sample flavours can be sent directly to customers or they are welcome to come to our R&D centre and work with us to develop the flavour they want. Once they are satisfied with the flavour sample, we proceed with its formulisation and commercialisation.

At every step, responsive customer service is our top priority, so we can always deliver quality solutions that meet each customer’s specific needs.

"With our customers looking for a simple turnkey service, flavour manufacture is just one more way we help them to create successful products."

Grace Cahalane Associate Director, R&D

Graduate Hotline: +353 (0)861746633

Graduate Mailbox: graduates@glanbia.ie

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