Our Strategy

Our vision is to be one of the world's top performing nutrition companies, trusted to enrich lives every day. This aligns with our strategic objective of maximising total returns to shareholders, while also maintaining a strong position on key sustainability issues.


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1.Sustain current and drive further market leadership in our business-to-business and business-to-consumer growth platforms;

2.Acquire or partner with complementary businesses to grow our current portfolio;

3.Deliver our strategic capital investment programme; and

4.Develop talent, culture and values in line with our growing global scale.

We have defined a clear set of strategic priorities to achieve our 2018 ambitions, which are:

  • To maintain organic growth in adjusted earnings per share each year of 8% to 10%, constant currency; and
  • To achieve a return on capital employed in excess of 12%, post tax, by year three of an investment.

We have the potential to deliver higher levels of growth with acquisitions and partnerships that add further scale to our current portfolio.

In order to achieve our 2018 ambitions, we need to ensure we continue to develop a clearly defined set of world-class capabilities and assets. As part of strategy development in 2014 we identified critical management and operating capabilities which will enable us to deliver results across the business. These include:

  • Excellence in global human resources and talent management;
  • Efficient capital allocation and portfolio management;
  • Brand power through building the foremost performance nutrition brand portfolio and having critical brand and reputation attributes such as quality, integrity, innovation and sustainability;
  • Maximise current strategic market leadership positions and drive to leadership in select segments and markets;
  • Market-driven and technology-led innovation to move up the value chain and deliver well researched patented or branded products;
  • Strong consumer and customers relationships; and
  • Operational excellence to meet customer and consumer food safety and quality standards.

We monitor our performance by measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) that we believe are important to our longer-term success. Performance against some of these KPIs is linked to the remuneration arrangements of our Executive Directors and senior executives.

  • Total Group revenue
  • Total Group earnings before interest, tax and amortisation (EBITA)
  • Total Group EBITA margin
  • Adjusted earnings per share1,2,3
  • Operating cash flow3
  • Net debt to adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation2
  • Return on capital employed1
  • Total shareholder return1


1Performance condition of Glanbia’s Long Term Incentive Plan

2Performance condition of Glanbia’s Annual Incentive Plan for 2014

3 Performance condition of Glanbia’s Annual Incentive Plan from 2015

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© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved