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2016 Highlights

  • Completed full-year Group reporting;
  • Set five year targets (2015 base year);
  • Reduced water consumption by 20% (2015 base year);
  • Commissioned the Carbon Trust to assist with GHG strategy.

Glanbia commenced Group-wide environmental reporting to standard metrics across all manufacturing facilities in late 2015. Standard Group Reporting is an essential foundation upon which to build Glanbia’s long-term sustainability.

In 2016 we established a Group Environmental Leadership Committee made up of the senior operations directors and technical experts from across our Business Units. This Committee is responsible for setting our environmental strategy and for agreeing targets to 2020 - all of which is underpinned by our Group reporting.
By regular tracking of progress against the agreed Group and Business Unit targets, we now have a clear view of year-on-year water, energy and waste impacts,. producing regular management reports and tracking our progress against agreed Group and Business Unit targets. We have set year-on-year progressive and verifiable Group targets for water, energy and waste, with targets on carbon to follow in subsequent years.

In 2016, we reduced our water consumption by 20%, ahead of target for the year, and are on track to deliver on our 2020 goals. Our environmental management system, which measures and reports on environmental performance at all facilities, is already proving beneficial in that it has facilitated Group leadership oversight of our environmental impacts, and will help strengthen our green credentials in the marketplace. Our environmental KPIs link environmental and financial performance with clear 2020 targets.


We have appointed international environmental and engineering consultants, CH2M to review our reporting methodology for 2016 and are committed to auditing in 2017 to certify the validity of the source data.

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved