Our Supply Chain

2016 Highlights:

  • Launched Group supplier qualification protocols;
  • Over two thirds of our Idaho milk supplied from dairy farms
  • Within 100 miles of our main facility at Twin Falls;
  • 85% of our dairy farms in Ireland are accredited to Origin Green;
  • Continued focus on animal welfare; and
  • Farmer safety programmes in Idaho and Ireland.

Our goal is to sustainably source the raw materials we use in our products. We follow the principles of ethical business set in the Glanbia Code of Conduct and operate to the highest food quality and safety requirements.

During 2016, Glanbia’s commitment to be a leader in food safety and quality was reinforced by the formation of a Global Quality Leadership Team (QLT), charged with developing a common code of practice across the Group in line with our purpose and values. We introduced Group wide standardised quality performance reporting and external validation of the Programme by a recognized Global Expert in Food Safety. Glanbia will continue to extend the end-to-end view of quality and food safety as we grow both geographically as well as in our product portfolio.

Responsible Sourcing
Glanbia has a supply chain which spans procurement of materials,packaging, transportation and services globally. In order to effectively manage risks in the supply chain, Glanbia has in place a procurement policy to source according to responsible sourcing criteria. These criteria involve carrying out a risk assessment and applying the appropriate qualification process to the selection decision. This is an important step towards a comprehensive approach to sustainable supply chain management including global processes for supplier sustainability risk assessments, supplier self-assessments and supplier sustainability audits executed by a third party. Glanbia requires all its suppliers to adhere to Glanbia standards and to be compliant with laws, regulations and social customs for the countries they operate in and with all human rights, labour, H&S regulations.

Dairy supply chain integrity
With our deep experience in agriculture, and our whole chain alignment from the cow to the consumer, we are positioned to not only manage risks, but to uniquely understand them and to exact continuous improvement at all stages in the supply chain.In both Ireland and the US, our supply chain from farm to fork opens up many partnerships. We work closely with our farmer suppliers, our business customers and our consumers.

Dairy supply chain - US
In Idaho and New Mexico we align ourselves with the most efficient milk producers in the country, keeping lifecycle environmental footprints low. We work to sustain the economic vitality of the stakeholders in our value chain and endeavour to be a good neighbour. Over two thirds of the milk processed in Glanbia’s Idaho facilities comes from a supply chain of dairy farms within 100 miles of Twin Falls. This local milk shed carries inherent sustainability benefits, including short shipping distances that reduce transportation times and fuel usage.

In addition to these pricing tools, Glanbia also partners with local businesses to offer suppliers reduced prices on farm inputs. Through our focus on animal welfare with the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management programme, to our support for an Idaho Dairymen’s Association initiative to develop permanent training program designed to enhance farm worker safety, we are committed to the very highest
standards our values demand.

Ultimately, this supply chain integrity, allied to the quality standards in place is carried through to our performance nutrition business. Our supply chain integrity and our significant investment in manufacturing capabilities sets us apart as the go-to, trusted source of sports nutrition.

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved

© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved