Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee determines, on behalf of the Board, the Groups framework of executive remuneration and the specific packages and conditions of employment for each of the Non-Executive Directors, Executive Directors and other senior executives, as decided by the Board. The Remuneration Committee operates the Company's Share option and Long Term Incentive Schemes. The Remuneration Committee comprises six Non-Executive Directors, of whom three members constitute a quorum. The Group Secretary acts as secretary to the Remuneration Committee.

Remuneration Committee Members:

  • Donard Gaynor
  • Henry Corbally
  • Paul Haran
  • Martin Keane
  • Patrick Murphy
  • Dan O'Connor

The key roles and responsibilities of the Remuneration Commitee are set out in detail in the Remuneration Committee Report. This report is designed to provide you with details of our remuneration principles, policy and actual remuneration of the Group's Executive Directors and to demonstrate the association between the Group's strategy, performance, risk management policy and the remuneration of our Executive Directors. A copy of the Terms of Reference of the Remuneration Committee is available for download by clicking on the link on your right.


Remuneration Committee Report

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Remuneration Committee Terms

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© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved