Audit Committee

The Audit Committee regularly assesses, on behalf of the Board, the validity of the Company's financial and other reporting arrangements. The Board has also delegated responsibility for reviewing the design and implementation of the Group’s system of internal control and risk management procedures to the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee also agrees the approach and scope of the internal and external audit and keeps under review the objectivity and independence of the external auditors. The Audit Committee consists of seven Non-Executive Directors of whom three members constitute a quorum. Membership of the Committee is reviewed annually by the Chairman of the Committee and the Group Chairman who recommend new appointments to the Nomination Committee for onward recommendation to the Board. The Group Secretary acts as secretary to the Committee.

Audit Committee Members:

  • Dan O'Connor (Committee Chairman)
  • Henry Corbally
  • Patrick Coveney
  • Donard Gaynor
  • Paul Haran
  • Martin Keane
  • Patrick Murphy

The key roles and responsibilities of the Audit Committee are set out in detail in the Audit Committee Report. This report is designed to provide you with details of our activities during 2016. A copy of the Terms of Reference of the Audit Committee is available for download by clicking on the link on your right.

Audit Committee Report

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Audit Committee Terms

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© Glanbia plc 2017. All rights reserved